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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Goody Goody Gumballs!

I have been saving jars for some time now, not really knowing what for??? So I had this idea to use them for teacher gifts for Valentines day! They turned out so cute that I made some for me for decorations too!

I just used some old peach jars, and some cute jars that I found at Hobby Lobby (the smaller one) for $1.50! I found the candle sticks at the dollar store. All you have to do is...drill a hole in the lid, paint the lid, and put the knob on. I found these knobs at Hobby Lobby. They are always 1/2 off now! I used some glue called Glass Bond to glue the candle stick to the jar. And done! You could fill it with whatever you want, but I love gumballs!! They look so cute, and you can find individual packs of colors at any party store.

I added some tulle and ric rac to the ones I am giving as gifts! They look so darn cute! I think I will add a cute tag to them too.

I think I will give these smaller ones to the ladies I visit teach.