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Monday, August 15, 2011

Lamp Re-do

This lamp was really fun, and I adore it! I made it for a little craft fair booth I did this summer. I didn't make it to sell, just to decorate my booth...but I could have sold it in a second because I had sooooo many people ask me if it was for sale. When I said no they asked if I would sell it anyway. I guess I maybe should have! A lot of ladies came into the booth to inspect the lamp and see how I did it. They were amazed to find out that it was really fast and simple. But your not surprised right? I am all about fast and simple! Oh, and ruffles! I have the lamp in my babies nursery now. It is a perfect addition to her sweet little room.

Here is what the lamp looked like before....BORING!

I ruffled 3 strips of fabric. Then I simply hot glued each strip onto the shade. That's it! Easy huh?

Then I just spray painted the lamp base. I LOVE spray paint. It's like magic!

The great thing about this is that you can make it to match any color scheme. There is such cute fabric out there- you could make a lamp shade and pillows to match! I love anything you can customize with fabric. It gives a room a splash of color and personality.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thats right....its a new post!!!

Can you believe I am finally posting something? I have had a crazy busy summer! No time for building and creating things. It has been sad, I have missed creating and blogging....but I'm back now! So for my first project I decided to finally do something about the hideous chairs in my garage. Take a look at these beauties!
All I did first was take the seat off and strip the fabric. Then I grabbed a can of my favorite spray paint and let 'er have it! I love the ocean breeze color by Krylon. Then with the seat part I just got some cute fabric that matches the paint and cut it just a little bigger than my seat.

Then I just hot glued the fabric around the seat. All you have to remember is to pull it tight, and kind of gather it on the corners. EASY! This part took about 5 minutes.

Then I trimmed the excess and that's it....its done!

Different seats attach to the chair in different ways. This one just kind of clicks in, but I think the other ones I have screw in. Either way, it's pretty easy. It is well worth the 30 minutes it will take you to spray paint and re-do the seat. Look at how amazing it looks now....

I also did one the green color that is in the fabric. It turned out darling too. They look so cute together. They used to be an embarrassment that I would never take out and have a friend sit on, but now they are the conversation at the party! I have 2 more that I am going to finish today. I am just going to do one more green one and another blue one. They will be a fun little set that I will use for lots of fun stuff!