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Friday, September 7, 2012

Halloween FUN!!!

I have been so excited to decorate for Halloween! I know, I know, its WWWAAAY too early! I don't even care!  I love this time of year when it's starting to get a little cooler, and you can start to spend more time in your house and decorate!!! I love to burn my pumpkin spice candle and make soup in the crock pot!! Am I weird, or does anyone else love that too? Anyway...I just wanted to post some of the projects I have been working on this week.
First is this darling lamp shade. When it comes to decorating for any holiday I like to use what is already in my home. I have these two lamps on my piano all year round. I have always wanted fun and funky Halloween lamps, so I decided to make some! I just simply cut strips of Halloween fabric that I had in my sewing scraps and tied them onto the shade. And then voila, I have a really fun Halloween lamp that cost me NOTHING! I can just take the scraps off when Halloween is over and I am set to do it again for Christmas!!

Here is my Halloween mantle. I love changing the mantle up for every Holiday, but I usually keep the basics up there and use them to layer and add some dimension to the design. I leave the oval white mirror up all year, and just add a frame, or a wreath, or whatever to get the look that I want. For Halloween I added the gold frame, and the oval gold mirror. I cut the crow out with my silhouette and added some glitter. You can always use glitter! I just taped it on with double sided tape and it was just what I wanted. The candles and candle sticks are used a lot on the mantle too. I just change the ribbon on the candle. If you can use what you already have it saves a lot of money, and gives you a lot more options.

 I found these plates at the dollar store! They were just plain black and I added those white sticker labels for polka dots(I think they are used for writing prices at  yard sales and stuff?).  Cheap and cute!!  Perfect for Halloween!

Another thing that I already have, but like to change up for each Holiday are my old Windows up on my plant shelf. I added some spider webs and spiders for Halloween! Seriously, just look around your house and get creative1 You will be surprised how much awesome stuff you have that you can play with!!