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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Book Page Accent Ball

There are a lot of fun accent balls out there. They are used to decorate anything and everything! Put them in a bowl, on a candlestick, or book shelf. Make a topiary, or just stick it in a pot. The possibilities are endless! I have loved the project I have done thus far with book pages, so I thought why not try a ball? It turned out awesome! I adore this!
First I just got a little ball from the dollar store. Then I Mod Podged the book pages right onto the ball. It doesn't have to look pretty, you wont see this part very much.

Then I cut a bunch of pages into large circles, and then I cut the circle into a spiral.

Next, just start from the outside and start to roll inward.

Look how cute! It turns into a darling rosette!

All you need to do now is hot glue those rosettes onto the ball. Easy huh?

Look how great it turned out!! I think this would look awesome displayed anyway you could think of. I am thinking way ahead here, but I think some of these little guys might end up on my Christmas tree this year!


  1. Mindi, you are so dang creative! I wish you could bottle all your creativeness and give it to me. I missed checking your blog when we were out of town! Love it like always!

  2. Mindi, I love, love, love your blog. You do so many cute things and I want to try them all. I was wondering if you have any advice for painting an old dresser thats basically wood paneling. I dont know how to go over painting it since I dont think I can sand it

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  4. Thanks for your comments! As far as advice for painting something that can't be sanded...I would use a good primer. Never use the cheap spray paint! It is worth the extra money to buy Krylon-Its the best! They have a paint called fusion that is supposed to stick to smooth surfaces like plastics. That might be the way to go for that particular piece of furniture. Good luck and have fun!!!!

  5. this is so darling.... and even more darling in person. you are so talented and creative!!!