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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Burlap Spring Pennant Banner

Burlap is HUGE right I thought it would be fun to do some projects with it. The first project I did was a pennant banner. All the supplies you need are pictured below....
I liked the white burlap, but the brown or tan would look great too! Then I used Jute to tie up on my fireplace and hook the mini clothespin on. I found all of my supplies at Walmart.
This project is sooooo simple. All you do is cut triangles, and then stencil letters on with acrylic paint. You could free hand the letters if you are brave, or buy letter stencils from Walmart or any craft store. I cut mine out with my Cricut, it worked great!
Then you just hang them from the Jute with mini clothespins, and DONE! It is clean, simple, and cute! You could always embellish it if you want not such a simple look. I was thinking it would be darling to tie some ribbon or ric rac between each letter on the Jute. Some spring colors would look great! Have Fun!

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