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Monday, April 18, 2011

$ Store Candlestick Topiaries

I thought up this candlestick topiary idea one day, so I had to firgure out a cheap way to make some. My first thought is always thrift store, yard sale, or dollar store. I found these awesome old brass candlesticks at a yard sale for 50 cents! Then I headed to the local Dollar Tree store.

I bought some Reindeer Moss. This stuff is awesome. It has great texture, but it stinks. Don't worry, the smell wears off quickly, your house won't stink! Then I needed something round. I had a hard time coming up with something round. I looked for round pieces of styrophome in the craft section. All they had was square and rectangle. There was nothing in the craft section that was even close to round. So I just wandered around the store thinking I was out of luck. Then DUH! How about a ball? I felt kinda dumb as I walked towards the toys. I found these water ball things that come in a 2 pack. Perfect!

Then I got to work. With my trusty glue gun I just started gluing pieces of moss to the ball. It probably doubled in size.

When I was done gluing, I just pulled any loose pieces off. I found a few small holes that needed more moss, so I just added a little here and there.

Then I just set them on top of the candlesticks! I love the way they turned out! Usually topiaries are pretty expensive. I only spent $4.00 on both together, including the candlesticks! You could find bigger balls and make bigger topiaries to go on top of bigger candlesticks! They look great on a fireplace mantle, book shelf, table, pretty much anywhere!


  1. SO cute! I just bought mini topiaries, ha ha, dang! I can always use more though! You always have the best ideas! I LOVE that blue plate too. How do you find these things? Gosh I wish I could go shopping with you all the time!

  2. Let's go! I think I got the blue plate at Ross. I went to DI yesterday and found some fun stuff! You need to call me next time you are in the area.

  3. I totally will! We may live with my parents for a month. We're waiting to hear from a couple people (the joys of renting). I still want to see your house! The next time we come down I'm coming over! I would love lvoe to go shopping with you. We'll plan something!

  4. Ok, so I have been on the HUNT (literally, I've been to at least 5 stores) for shabby chic frames (exactly like in your border for your blog) and I am STRIKING OUT! I don't want to pay a lot, I just want some that I can re-do. Where would you look? DI? I've only looked there once.. I am dying to find some!!!

  5. I hate to say it, but most of mine I have found at yard sales or estate sales. I found one at DI yesterday! It's really just luck. I have never found a good one at DI until yesterday, and I had to fight a guy for it! :) Ikea has a black one almost identical to the oval one on my blog border. You could paint it if you wanted. Check antique stores too. Good luck!