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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Book page Carrots

Yep, that's right....carrots. I have seen carrots being used as a spring or Easter decoration, so I thought why not make some awesome ones? These are the supplies I used, plus some mod podge and some old book pages. (I forgot to get those in the pic.).

First you just take some old ads or news paper, and roll them in kindof a cone shape. Secure with masking tape. I used a lot of masking tape because it is easier to shape and mold that way. Then tuck in the longer part at the top.

Then do a smaller cone and slide it up into the bigger cone. secure with tape.

When you have done all of those steps it should look like this.

Then comes the fun messy part. Rip some old book pages up into strips and mod podge them onto the carrot. Here is what they look like now. Then get some orange paint and add a lot of water so that its really thin and watered down. brush a thin coat on just to tint the pages orange.

I bought some dried grass from the dollar store and hot glued it down in the top of the carrot. I added some glitter too! Then I tied them together in a bunch!

Now I just need a cute vintage bunny or something to stand by them!

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  1. So glad you're back!! I've missed the posts!! I'm super excited, I have a new project to start tomorrow! I have a few questions I'll fb you. Love the crafts!