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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fabric Easter Eggs

Everyone has ugly plastic easter eggs. They are good to put treats in, but definitely not good to decorate with. Well....we have to do something about that! I have glittered them before, but Im not really in love with that. I have also put Mod Podge and easter paper, but not really in love with that either. So I decided to use fabric and other embellishments like buttons, ric rac, ribbon, and jewels. All you need is plastic Easter eggs, scrap fabric, and any embellishments you want to use. This project was FREE for me to make. I had all the supplies in my craft closet, and you probably do too!
First, just rip the fabric into about 3/4 inch strips. Then just take your trusty glue gun and out a dab on top, and then start wrapping. I found that they turn out better if you go vertical and not horizontal on the egg. Just keep adding little dabs of glue here and there.

Keep turning the egg and wrapping until it is covered. It looks really cute with all the same fabric, or try adding a second fabric.

Add some embellishments, and your done! Fancy, fun and FREE!!!

I love the way they turned out! They look like something you would find at some expensive boutique for 10 bucks each. Can you believe they started out as those silly plastic eggs?

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  1. I want to make everything! I hate that I have the stress of moving now! I'll have to do these for my sanity..