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Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh so charming...

I have this darling little candelabra light fixture in my babies nursery. I love it, but it just needed something know, a little bling bling! I am all about that kind of crap! Soooo- I went to Hobby Lobby looking for some kind of sparkly jewels or something. I wasn't sure what I would find, but I had an idea in my head, and when that happens, I have to make it happen, or I go a Little crazy. I could not believe my eyes when I saw these beauties! They are charms made just for what I wanted! This never happens! Usually I have to get really creative and make stuff up, but this time they did it for me! They were on sale too! It was meant to be! So I bought 2 packs-(3 per pack) and rushed home to try them out. It was love at first sight! They could not have been easier to install, if you can even call it that, all you do is open the package and they magically stick to the light! Well I guess magnets are kindof like magic right? They have little magnets on them-that are really strong, and that is it! Super easy, and super awesome!

Above is a picture of the nursery, and the wall I stenciled! It is my most favorite wall ever! Check back later for a tutorial on how to stencil a wall and much more!

This is the dining room, we are focusing on the light fixture, I never really loved it, but once again I added a little bling, and ta da- its a new light for under $10!

This was really simple, but really made a huge difference. It was way cheaper than buying a new light! I just bought the strand of crystal bead trim that is pictured above. All I had to do now was measure it, cut it, and glue the ends together. I used hot glue for the ends, and you can't even really see where I had to glue it. Kinda looks like the light came that way! It just gives it a little bit of a softer, more shabby chic look.

There you have it!

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