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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fun with Mod Podge!

I am always trying to find new cheap ways to change things up!
I have been loving all the darling scrapbook paper out there and wanted to use it to decorate with!

First I've posted a picture of the supplies you will need to get the fun started.

The coolest thing about Mod Podging furniture is that it is a quick and easy way to completely change its look and it is super durable too. Paper holds up suprisingly well on a table when covered in a thin layer of this magical stuff.

In order to do all of the projects below, grab your favorite scrapbook paper, sand the surface a little to rough it up, put a layer of Mod Podge on the target....put the paper down and smooth it the best you can. Wait about 25 minutes and you are ready to sand! I use a dry wall sanding sponge for most projects. For the bigger things I use an orbital hand sander. Seriously, don't worry about cutting the paper to the shape of the target before putting it down, there is no need, the sanding will take care of it and also give it a fun distressed edge. The last step is to paint a layer of Mod Poge on the top. this will give it a nice finished look, and also protect the paper from water and kids!

Now on to my projects..........

First I thought about a cute little table I have for my girls and their tea parties. I have tried to re-finish it, and I never liked the way it turned out...until now! I had this light bulb moment and thought- hey why not put paper on it? I got out the trusty Mod Podge and went to work! I Love the way it turned out!

I have been really wanting to replace all the knobs in my kitchen, but the man of the house said my knobs were just fine (he he..) So I came up with this fancy compromise....same knobs, new look! They are my FAVORITE! I don' think I could ever find any in a store this cute. In fact, I know I couldn't because believe me, I've looked!

Last But definately not least are my kitchen bar stools!!! I am completely in love with these little guys! They were pretty ugly before, but check them out now! See how nice the sanding made the edges look? I also sanded the top of the paper a little before I added the top layer of Mod Podge to give it that cute roughed up look!

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