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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eat your heart out! Table cloths turned to window treatments

I love fabric, but I don't love paying for it! especially when I need a lot for a big project- like say curtains for instance. I have a pretty big window in my living room, and I figured I would need about 6 yards of fabric all together to sew some long curtains. Even if the fabric was on sale, or I had a coupon it would be pretty pricey! Sooooo, what else could I use? My awesome sis. Megan gave me the idea to use a table cloth. Yep- it works perfectly! And how exciting is it that the ends are already done for you? No sewing required! I just hung them up (2 table cloths) with those little clip hangy thingers and DONE! They are thicker than fabric would most likely be too! I love the way they look and I only spent 28 dollars on the set!

These curtain for my side light windows were also made out of a table cloth. It was a Christmas table cloth, but I loved the print, so when I saw it on clearance after Chrismas for 75% off, I had to have it! It cost me $3.75! It totally works in my house! It doesn't look like Christmas to santa, trees, reindeer, its good right? So I have one on the other side of my door too. All I did was measure the window, add 2 inches, cut the cloth, make a 1 inch casing on both sides, and hang them up! New curtains for 3.75! Can't beat that!

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