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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

D.I. treasures! they are, the treasures that I have found at the D.I! I have found some awesome things there in my many years of searching, this post I will show the most recent finds. These are seriosly my treasures! They make my heart happy:).

These old books I found for like 1-2 bucks a piece! I love love love them soooo much! I have some in a book shelf in my living room too. You can use books to decorate just about anywhere. They are perfect to stack and add some height to your decor. I think when a book is old and worn, there is just something about it. You know someone loved and enjoyed know there is a story behind it (punny huh?) There are so many colors too! My favorite book I found is the turquoise one. Its titled Gospel Ideals written by David O. Mckay! You can find crazy and interesting books there. I am intrigued...I will read some of them. One of my books, the really worn looking one under the turquoise one is Clear and Present Danger and It's from the Spanish Fork High school library! I bet my dad or Grandpa checked it out in the olden days!;)

This crazy lamp you see is my masterpiece! I saw a tutorial on Studio 5 one day. This awesome girl named Mandy Gubler was on the show teaching how to make this Anthropologie knock-off. The original costs over 200 bucks! I went right to D.I to find some sweet tea cups and plates, and went to work. It is one of my favorite pieces I have in my home. I love that its so different. It is quite a conversation piece if you can imagine. If you are interested in making this little guy, just leave a comment, or send an e-mail and I can give you some directions. I promise to have some great tutorials coming soon!

I went to D.I yesterday and look what I found! These white plates are AMAZING! I am in Love! Can you believe I found these at D.I for $1 a piece? I can't. So I learned a new trick yesterday. I was looking through some stuff in what they call "the yard" and I noticed some people standing around and I thought to myself....hmmmmm I think they know something I don't know. Then sure enough, the big double doors came flying open and a lady walked out with new junk on her little cart. Apparently they do this throughout the day everyday. The poor little lady got attacked! I was part of that. It was so fun! Like winning a prize! That is how I got these lovely little ladies!

What do you think? Perdy right?

I think I will use some for cake plates. And some in my Curio.

I hung some above my dinning room windows.

So this Orange pot I found on my treasure hunt is just sitting on the top of the pot rack in my kitchen. I just loved the color and how it looks I bought it. Oh, and I loved the price. 50 cents!

Last, but not least i found these little wicker baskets. I am going to give them a makeover and use them for my girlies Easter baskets. Stay tuned to see how they turn out!


  1. No way! I want those plates!!! Where is the yard? I went back and didn't find anything. I was so sad. Oh and of course I want the lamp tutorial. So cute and unique!! I think I need to go to DI with u one day.

  2. I Adore This said...
    Tonya- I would love to go to DI with you sometime! is one of my favorite blogs ever! You can go there to get the lamp tutorial. There are pictures on the right hand side. Just click on the antro lamp pic and there is a great tutorial there. I need to see if Mandi at Vintage revivals wants to link to my blog??? Is that even what you say? Sounds kinda dirty...hehehe. Any way, I need to figure lots of stuff out still. Thanks for your comments...tell your friends to become followers!

  3. ha ha ha, I'm seriously still so jealous of your plates. I can't seem to find any like that and you find tons!! You are either very lucky or truly gifted when it comes to DI! I will definitely tell my friends to become followers! Oh and I love the old books and the white vase/pot thing. ha ha