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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Funky French Braids

Upside down french braid

It is a lot easier than it looks! If you have your child lay on the couch upside down it is a lot more comfortable, and fun for them then if you just have them flip their head upside down. This way it won't hurt their neck. The two keys to having any or these braids turn out good is to 1) part it really good with a rat tail comb. 2) secure the sectioned off piece of hair with an elastic or clip. then just start your french braid. I braided the hair all the way to the end and then I just wrapped it around at the top and stuck in a couple of bobby pins to hold it in a bun. Then just take the other section and do the same! It's a fun hair-do that gets a lot of compliments!
French braid twisted pony tail

For this hair-do, just section the hair into thirds. Two on top and the rest on bottom. Braid the two top sections and then put the bottom section in a pony tail. Next, take the two braids and cross them over the pony tail elastic. Wind them around and then cross them over the pony tail again. Fasten the two braids together behind the pony tail with an elastic. It is really easy, and really cute!

Diagonal French Braids

Just section into 4's doing a diagonal part. Start braiding one at a time. When you are done fasten them all together with an elastic. This is a great hair-do if you are dancing, or playing sports.

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