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Monday, March 28, 2011

Stencil Project #2

I have been searching all over the world for the perfect fabric for my living room curtains. When I realized that it just doesn't exist, I decided to do what? That's right....I made some! I really wanted a BIG print, and it had to be the right colors too. This is impossible!! I saw some curtains that I loved in the Ballard home decor magazine, and I feel in love with the idea of the large print, but I did not fall in love with the price! After doing some soul searching, I decided that I would stencil the darn things!
I found this awesome stencil at Hobby Lobby for right around 5 bucks! I bought the giant stencil brush this time so that it would cover more area more quickly. It was a great worked great! All that I needed now was to decide on the color. I chose a metalic gold color. Good choice! I almost forgot the most important part....the curtain. You could always use a sheet, a table cloth, a solid color of fabric, of just a boring old solid curtain. I used a plain white curtain from Ikea. It was cheap, like 16 dollars for both panels! This whole project ended up being about 26 bucks! (that doesn't include the hanging hardware, I already had that.)
Here is a close up of the stencil. I love how big it is. You can't find fabric like this anywhere...I promise;)
I almost forgot...the curtains I bought were tab top. I don't know how you feel about those, but I am done with them. They are old news guys. So a quick way to fix that problem, if you have it, is to chop those bad boys off and hang the curtains up with these handy dandy clip ring thingers. You can find them everywhere...Joanns, Target, even Walmart. Its a quick way to update the look of your kinda out of style curtains! (sorry guys- but it's true- they have to go)


  1. Ah man, my curtains are totally outdated and I didn't even know it! How much are the ring things? ha ha. Don't you love how I post on EVERY post you do? I can't help it, you're awesome!

  2. I love your comments! I wish more people would comment ;) There have been over 1,000 page views, and I have had tons of people tell me they love it...but no comments. So sad. Keep the comments coming...I appreciate them!

  3. You did such a great job! They turned out awesome!