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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quick and Easy Easter Craft

This project is a really quick and easy way to add a little Easter decor to your home. A fun vase or piece of pottery is a must-have in every home (in my opinion), and some curly willow is also a good thing to have around. I use this stuff all the time- for every season I think. I spray painted my curly willow white at Christmas time, and I loved it! At Christmas I had a white curly willow wreath hanging from my ceiling with gold sparkly ornaments hanging from it. It looked like a sweet chandelier! At Halloween I sprayed some black...It looked spooky, yet whimsical. I like it white for Easter, but just keeping it the natural wood color would look great too!

I used my cricut to cut out the egg stencil. If you don't have a cricut- buy one! Just kidding, I mean you should, but if you can't right now, just trace an egg shape on a piece of card stock paper and cut it out. You might want to use an exacto knife, or you could fold it and cut half an oval and then un-fold it and have an egg. (kinda like how you do the heart thing in elementary school???) does that make sense? I also cut the little tags out with my cricut. Or you could just cut a rectangle and punch a hole in the top.
You will also need acrylic paint, a stencil brush and some glitter.

Just put the stencil on top of the tag and stencil your little heart out! Remember- when you stencil don't paint like you normally would, you have to tap the paper with your brush making sure to keep the brush straight up and down so the paint doesn't bleed under the stencil. Also don't put a lot of paint on the brush. While the paint is still wet add some glitter. This is a good project for kids too. They make some pretty fun and creative eggs. They like to mix colors, they turn out pretty cool.

I hung the egg tags with Easter grass that you put in baskets. I used the paper kind, but I think the plastic would look good too. I like the way it really added a fun spring look to the project.

Have Fun!


  1. Seriously, how do you come up with all this stuff? Where do you get your curly willow? I can't wait to see all the other fun stuff you do with it!