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Friday, March 25, 2011

Vintage Revival- lampshade

I have had this old lamp shade for a really long time. I decided that it needed a little make-over!

I have been loving all of the projects that I have seen lately using pages from old books. Of course I have TONS of old books, because they are awesome, so I picked my least favorite and "borrowed" some pages. Don't worry, the book still looks great! and now so does my lamp shade!

This was a really simple lamp shade re-do. All I had to do was rip pages, paint on some mod podge, and smooth the page over the shade.

When the page is on, just rip the excess off. Ripped edges are the way to go on this project.

Then paint mod podge over the top.

I decided that it needed a little bling or I added a little flower guy. I used 3 more pages for this flower. I just folded them all separately accordion style, and then stacked them on top of each other and stapled them in the middle.

Then I just pulled the outsides toward each other, and used a little hot glue to hold it in place. Soooooo cute! Then I just cut a piece of black tulle in a circle. Then I just pinched the middle and glued it to the center of the paper flower. Easy, Easy. Then I sparkled an old button and glued it on top of that. And it's done!

What a cutie! :)

This was a fun and easy project. I actually made two to go on the end tables in my bedroom! I didn't have to go buy was FREE! They look like brand new lamps!

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  1. Seriously??? How do you come up with all of these cute projects!?? I love them! I have a lamp in the basement I'm going to try this with. I decided you need a boy soon so you can share projects for boys rooms too. ha ha. You're simply amazing!