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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cute Cupcakes!

I have been loving cupcakes lately! I decided to use them as a decoation in one of my daughters bedrooms. I also use them to decorate for Birthdays at my house. I am sick of all the cheesy B-day decor out there, they just look cheap right? Anyway, This little project was soooo simple. And free! I just used supplies I already had around my house. I used Christmas ornaments for the cup cake! All I did was hot glue the ornaments inside cupcake cups, glue ric rac, and then use elmers glue to swirl around, or polka dot and then add glitter. Then I used little red pom poms that I had in the kids craft closet for the cherry on top. I used about three to glue around the little part that sticks up on the ornament. The glitter just adds so much to them. I LOVE anything that sparkles! I also used these cuties for my daughters tree in her room at Christmas!

They look so cute as a sweet little decoration in a little girls room.
Looks good enough to eat....but don't!

My daughter uses them to play "mom" she pretends to cook them in her kitchen and then serve them at her tea parties!

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  1. Hi you don't know me my name is Suzette, but I am one of Tonya's best friends I have know her sense we where 4. Anyway I TOTALLY and COMPLETELY LOVE your blog. You have the BEST ideas I have ever seen. I am IN LOVE with everything you have posted. I am planing to re-paint a old ugly dressers and now I am soooooo excited. Thank you so much and keep up the posts!!!!